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Louis Vuitton luxury landmark in France - on the 22nd Avenue Montaigne store has been opened costumes. louis vuitton travel bag outlet Store environment personally designed by the architect Peter Marino, and decorated with original works of contemporary artists, is dedicated to creating unique, personalized shopping experience.

From the luggage manufacturer in 1854, to today's fashion and luxury goods company, 22 Avenue Montaigne store exclusive display products people could not help recalling Louis Vuitton Hundred Years. These strict accordance with the travel requirements of the louis vuitton outlet online design of products with exquisite, accurate and elegant and famous.

Store personal concierge will uphold the tradition of personalized service, one by one to meet customer needs, to enable them to follow their own interests and needs to establish a closer relationship with Louis Vuitton. In addition, Louis Vuitton for the first time in France, providing customers with a private space Apartment for banquets.louis vuitton outlet online store Apartment is located in the store upstairs, consists of two salon and a reception area composed, guests can make an appointment to use.

Louis Vuitton in 2014 the biggest action is brought in six different louis vuitton outlet store areas of the designers, with their own unique perspective to pay tribute to the classic print monogram, and designer list of the most surprising is that competing brands Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld .

Entitled "Classic and Classic insurgents," the series, which is characterized not set any limitations to the designers, let them enjoy their imagination, so as a marketing guru Karl Lagerfeld brought out in this boxing-inspired monogram series, Ultra-luxury monogram boxing bag is housed in the same luxurious louis vuitton factory outlet monogram hard suitcase, Shihai use the monogram can wear matching boxing gloves. Chanel products have been selling their own movement for many years, I do not know whether this LV series interesting it?