Why hotels have butler service

Increased Room Rate

Hotels that provide Butler Service to their guests report that there is a significant rise in the Average Daily Rate (ADR).  This rise is due to the fact that guests who are staying in a suite with Butler Service expect to pay a premium for the extra level of service provided.

Guests who are paying a premium for a suite or villa now expect that Butler Service will be provided.  

For some years now Butler Service has become an important factor in why guests choose a hotel since for many guests the service level they expect to receive is what makes them decide which hotel they will book.

Service is the differentiator between one hotel and another, Butler Service takes service to its highest level.

Repeat Guest Ratio 

Most hotels find that the repeat guest ratio is very high for those guests who have previously stayed in accommodation that has Butler Service provided.

The reason for this is due to the fact that the guests build up a relationship with ‘their butler’.  Many guests, once they have this relationship and have experienced the very high level of personalised service provided by ‘their butler’, return again and again to the same hotel or to a hotel of the same group.

Guest Satisfaction

Hotels that provide five-star Butler Service all report a high level of guest satisfaction in their after-stay surveys.

A satisfied guest is a guest that will return and, most importantly, provide the hotel with very valuable ‘word of mouth marketing’ to their friends, family and work colleagues.

Hotels in their brochures and media marketing may describe the ‘service’ they provide but to hear about service by someone who has experienced it is a much more powerful message.