Welcome to the Guild of Professional English Butlers

Butler Training is in essence how to provide outstanding service. The Guild of Professional English Butlers has been training hotel butlers for the past fifteen years. The training provided by The Guild covers, theory, practical and role-play in the areas and situations that a hotel butler has to deal with in their working day. The Hotel Butler has to be multi-skilled, multi-tasked with multi-duties; Hotel Butler service is not confined to one department but rather covers all departments with one simple goal in mind Guest Satisfaction


Having set-up and trained over one hundred hotel butler departments the Guild has developed its training to suit a wide range of hotels in many different cultures and countries. The Guild adapts its training to suit the location, culture, style of service and lay-out of the hotel since the service provided by a butler in a city-centre hotel differs greatly from the service provided by Butler in a beach front resort in the Caribbean.


Every standard taught comes with a clear step-by-step written Standard of Procedure (S.O.P.) which combines into a complete working manual of Hotel Butler Service. With such an in-depth knowledge of Hotel Butler Service the Guild is able to give advice on a variety of systems and procedures utilised by butler services throughout the world.


Hotel butler service can be described as personalized service the butler cares for the guest as an individual, every guest has their own likes, dislikes and preferences and by taking this into account the butler is able to tailor the service provided to suit each individual guest.

Because of the relationship built up between a butler and the guest the repeat guest ratio is very high in hotels that provide this personalized service. Guests who have experienced butler service in a hotel often return to the same hotel or seek out hotels that provide butler service since the guests appreciate the highly personalized service provided by “their butler"