Guild Membership

              Benefits of Membership                               

Associate and Full Members resumes are held on the Guild Membership data-base, when a prospective employer contacts the Guild seeking to fill a butler position the Guild contacts those Members seeking a position.

The Guild only puts forward Associate and Full Members to prospective employers.

We do not charge any fee to the employer or prospective employee for arranging placements. For this reason many employers seek The Guilds assistance in filling positions.

The Guild is always available via email for any advice or input requested by Guild Members and assistance in developing their careers.

Experienced Butlers who would like to become a member

Guild Membership is open to butlers who have a minimum of five years’ experience as a butler or a similar position in a hotel, private household, yacht or cruise ship.

Your application will be put forward to the Guild Membership Committee which sits on a regular basis throughout the year.

If your application is successful you will be awarded Full Membership of the Guild and issued with the relevant certificate and a Guild Member lapel-pin.

To submit an application for Guild Membership please go to our contact page.